Strategic Giving

If UR can't meet our demands, we can't give. 


Let's hit them where it hurts: their pockets. We are calling on everyone in the UR community (particularly alumni and parents) to abstain from giving to the university during the UR Here Giving Day campaign*


Use the individual disaffiliation form to publicly pledge not to give until all of our demands are met. 

Spread the word and let everyone in the UR community know not to give!


NOTE: The UR Here Giving Day campaign has been postponed, as of 4/7/21. 

Where to Donate Instead of UR:


“Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Richmond, or MAD RVA, aims to create a support system in response to COVID-19 and the effects it has had on Richmonders, including supply shortage, job losses and quarantine. We operate collectively and are primarily functioning as a supply delivery for folks who cannot access medicine, food and other vital goods. We have also just launched a mini-grants program and are developing other supports, forming partnerships across community and demanding policy shifts towards equity and social justice while navigating the undetermined timeline of effects on our community.”


Richmond Community Bail Fund

“The Richmond Community Bail Fund exists to post bail for everyone in Central Virginia who needs it in order to help them avoid the many immediate and collateral consequences of incarceration. We work toward the abolition of not just cash bail, but pretrial detention and supervision as well.”

Richmond Community Bail Fund Logo.jpeg

RISE for Youth

“RISE for Youth a nonpartisan campaign committed to dismantling the youth prison model by promoting the creation of community-based alternatives to youth incarceration. Our work centers the voices of impacted youth and communities and challenges racial injustice in Virginia.”

Sacred Heart Center

“We connect Latino families with tools to thrive and flourish. Our work manifests through a continuum of educational opportunities for adults, innovative programs for youth and children, and strategic partnerships to meet community needs.”

Virginia Student Power Network

“Founded in 2013, the Virginia Student Power Network is a multi-issue grassroots network of radical young organizers from universities across Virginia who are building power for democratic, diverse, and accessible education, as well as social, racial, and economic justice on our campuses and beyond.”

SHC Logo.png